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Daisy Dress Collection

Daisy Dress Collection


If there’s one thing this period of lockdown has taught us, it’s to value the small things. Whether it’s a rare coffee on your daily walk, a simple walk in the park, or a text from an old friend, there’s always something to look forward to. All of these seemingly insignificant details that we may have overlooked in our hectic everyday lives are now critical.

As we become more aware of our environment, it appears that everyone has developed an unexpected love for daisies. The common lawn flower has now become a social media sensation.

Maybe it’s because on days when it’s warm enough to leave the kitchen table, our gardens have transformed into an al fresco workplace space? Or is it because florals for spring/summer are never out of the ordinary?

The daisy reminds us of building chain flower crowns as a kid or sifting through the flowers for a buttercup to see who genuinely liked butter. Suddenly, the humble blossom has piqued everyone’s curiosity once more.

Altar Fashion House has in its unique Daisy Collection. A fresh multicolored creation that comes exclusively for girls and women who want to feel comfortable and attractive at the same time.

We are proposing some ways you can wear the dresses of this collection:


Being super comfortable dresses are perfect for a birthday party with friends in nature. With the vivid images that you will publish with these outfits, you will feel appealing, fresh, and you will draw the attention of social networks.

Mom to be

The women who are expecting a kid would appreciate this collection. You can pick the color that best suits you from this collection’s colors and capture the most lovely memories of your pregnancy.

Braidsmaids dresses

It’s time for the bridesmaids to relax and enjoy themselves while capturing memories with their best friend on her most special day. Long dresses may have been too much for them, so we recommend the same collection for your bridesmaids. You’ll be shooting the most beautiful wedding photos in the heart of this collection’s bright colors, surrounded by daisy flowers. A dress from this collection would make a wonderful gift for your friends; it will be a memory that will not be confined to the photograph, but will be worn as many times as the style of the dress permits.



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