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Who we are?

Altar is one of the most popular fashion houses in Albania offering modern perspectives with proven reputation and highest achievements. Our aim is to make sure that every day is special at Altar by bringing together harmony, consistency and delivering contemporary attire. Altar fashion house provides an excellent and personalized design as well as impeccable expertise to craft perfect garments.

We know every woman has her unique style and personality and hence we create new designs to ensure and encourage everyone of them to stay loyal to her style. Altar fashion house fuses together vivid designs with stylish sophistication by providing an excellent and personalized design as well as impeccable expertise to craft a refined and fresh fashion identity.

Since we first opened our doors in 2016 we have asserted and been focused on refinement that embellish women and praise their style and personality. With our refined assertion and trademark techniques we create evocative designs and adorn women while conveying their unique and amazing style.

Altar is beyond doubt a distinguishing and unique brand that brings together the latest tailoring innovation with elegant and classiness designs. Our design philosophy is characterized by inspiring and contemporary attitude to fashion and style. We at Altar appreciate innovation with the uppermost significance when shaping, crafting and presenting our collections. Altar’s aim is to create original designs that pioneer individuality and go beyond ample perspectives.

Our collections are handcrafted by our talented masters, using conventional methods of adornment to craft fashionable attires that will last forever and make every day special and remarkable. Behind our every collection there is a unique experience, an exhilarating adventure and a rich tradition reflecting the genuineness of our brand. Altar offers an array of beautiful selection with ground-breaking approaches, rich fabrics and charming colors. The company draws itself on its original designs, its use of authentic and special fabrics, and thoroughness to details.

Inspired by excellence our people are passionate about design, innovation and excellence. By visiting Altar fashion house you will find a relaxed and professional atmosphere combined with a wide selection of exceptional wearable works of art. Fusing together dedicated consistency and textile design has made us a unique fashion house in Albania.

Altar relies on the most excellent fabrics and beautiful creations that are skillfully incorporated together. With our talent, high-quality materials, and sophisticated craftsmanship we create designs that radiate the feminine spirit. Each piece of clothing created by Altar possesses a handcrafted and special journey from beginning to the end.

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